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Fashion for a social cause

In partnership with Singapore Fashion Runway - charity fashion show for special need individuals. A matching adult and toddler set

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This work is a charity fashion project, designed for special-need individuals to raise awareness and to promote inclusivity. The special need model that Serina worked with is Yan Min with Charge Syndrome. She is a graceful and soft-spoken lady who loves flowers and Cinderella. Upon spending time with her and her family over the course of 2 months, Serina learnt more about her likings and her family's emulatable attitude towards life and hardship.


The concept and look are designed based on the client's choice, with inputs from the designer herself. The mood and inspiration revolve around the model's interest and speaks of perseverance and tenacity to celebrate an event that raises awareness for special-need individuals. It appreciates her family and her attitude towards life despite her disabilities.


Winter flowers

The withering Winter and
The World is white –
The Sound of Wind

In the bleak Winter
When the World is one color
Is the Sound of Wind

Winter’s Solitude
And the World is one color –
The Sound of Wind

fuyugare ya    yo wa isshoku ni    kaze no oto

冬枯れ や 世は一色に    風の音

By Matsuo Basho


This collection is draws inspiration from the haiku: withering winter.


Setting: A cold winter, white snow covers the vast landscape. A girl trudge slowly through the snow, to where she does not know. There is no destination, yet the road stretches far beyond sight. 


Serina’s interpretation:

Life is dictated by the bearer. Stories are told by the author. Feelings are choices. The blow of the wind shall become a soft whistle of assurance. The sheet of white shall become a blanket of hope. And in the midst of the journey, one shall discover that hope lies in your choice and soon the withering winter will start to have colour.

concept board new.jpg

Ribbon applique


Toddler's matching set

Winter flowers

A matching toddler set is created taking into consideration the same concept and mood. It encapsulated hope, innocence and purity. 

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