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Human Anatomy

A sustainable textile creation and fashion proposal collection inspired by human anatomy.


This collection focuses on the wonders of the internal human body. It creates a subject on duality and how one thing can be both significant and insignificant simultaneously. There are stillness and movement, and light and dark in this collection and the juxtaposition is further emphasised through the use of black and white: this collection is colourless while the human body is bursting with colours and fascination.


This collection won Serina a sponsorship from Threadapeutic for her major project Virre, an Indonesian brand that does sustainable textiles and bags.

Textile creations

Textile manipulations
Inspiration board.jpg

The inspiration board consists of elements that have been key directing factors of this collection. Such as the brightness contrast, the texture and colour that is extracted from human organs, x-ray scans and cells under a microscope. 

The mood that is conveyed is rather enigmatic with slight references to mad scientists and the never-ending human desire to discover the unknown.

Mood board.jpg
Colour board.jpg

Colour story is derived mostly from x-ray images of the bone structure of humans. The light contrast of different parts of the bone creates a narrative on how the colour can be used in designing textiles and garments. As a black and white collection, more focus is placed on the shades of grey and its placement with one another.


The making of sustainable textiles is a creative journey. It starts from researching on waste, what materials can and cannot be used and experimenting with ways to create new textiles through waste. Waste materials such as unwanted thread, inks and fabric pieces from clothes are gathered and renewed in a way that it does not appear to be up-cycled, whereas it is like a new life is given to them.


Illustration: Signature and r-t-w collection

The textiles are then designed into a proposed sustainable collection with a Signature and Ready-to-wear range. The curiosity of the human body is further expressed through the Signature range of this fashion collection.

Signature collection.jpg

The ready to wear collection takes a simpler and subtle approach to coveying the concept of human anatomy. The play in shades of grey can be seen in these looks and it also focuses on wearability.

Ready to wear collection 2.png
Ready to wear collection 3.jpg
Ready to wear collection 1.jpg

Technical illustration

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