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Bachelor's in Art: Fashion Design and Textile (Goldsmith Certificate) at Lasalle College. With a 15-year background in Chinese Painting and calligraphy, her works combine these various disciplines. In terms of textiles, she specialises in printmaking, hand painting and embroidery. She also has a Diploma (with Merit) in Apparel Design and Merchandising.


Her works draw inspiration from the transient beauty of life. 

She also teaches at Nan Chiau Primary School as a Chinese Painting and Calligraphy instructor where she guides and proposes learning techniques.



- Winner of Harpers Bazaar Asia New Gen Fashion Awards 2022

- Finalist for Hand and Lock Prize 2021

​- Iora Fashion Course Bronze Medal 2020

- Tantex Project Prize 2020

- BDC Sustainability Design Award 2020

- Top 10 Finalist in Singapore Chinese Cultural Competition 2020 

- Overseas Academic Link Scholarship 2018


- Hand and Lock Prize Exhibition, London 2021 (Fashion)

- TAFF Fashion The Change Exhibition 2022 (Fashion)

- Federation of Arts: Singapore Women's Art Exhibition 2022 (Art)

- Chen Shi Jin and Students Art Exhibition 2021 (Art)

- Bernina Sustainability Interpreted Exhibition 2021 (Fashion)

- Molan Art 54th Anniversary Art Exhibition 2021 (Art)

- Our Tampines Hub Sustainable Exhibition 2020 (Fashion)

- Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre Remix Exhibition 2021 (Fashion)


Email: for full CV


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