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Federation of Art Singapore: Singapore Women Artists Exhibition 2022

Exhibited at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre May 2022. Work exhibited: 'Bamboo, 2019' by Serina Lee. This exhibition featured works of Women artists in Singapore.

Singapore Artist, Singaporean Women Artist Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, Serina Lee Yi

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Chen Shi Jin & Students Art Exhibition 2021

Exhibited at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre August 2021. Works by Serina Lee featured (From left to right): 'Nian Nu Jiao · Reminiscence of Red Cliffs, 2019 standard script writing', 'Bamboo, 2019', 'Bamboo, 2021' and 'Crane, 2018'.


Molan Art Association 55th Anniversary Exhibition 2022

Exhibited at Singapore Art House November 2022.


'Bamboo, 2021' by Serina Lee.

Molan 55th, Bamboo 2022, Serina Lee_edited.jpg

Molan Art Association 54th Anniversary Exhibition 2021

An online Art exhibition celebrating Molan Art Association's 54th anniversary. Featured in this exhibition was 'Bamboo, 2021' 35x135cm by Serina Lee.

Molan 54th Serina Lee.jpeg
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