Virre Spring Summer 2020

5 set collection inspired by the early trading scenes along the Singapore river

with the kind sponsorship from Threadapeutic.

The collection has been exhibited at Bernina Sustainability Intepreted 2021, my Tampines Hub sustainability exhibition 2020, Female magazine, unearth_space, Threadapeutic, Temasek Polytechnic open house, BDC exhibition


Our Tampines Hub Exhibition 2020 with Minister Masagos

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Bernina Sustainability Interpreted Exhibition 2021

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BDC Sustainable Design Award 2020


Beyond Design Centre Exhibition at Temasek Polytechnic

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This is a 5 look collection consisting of textile works made from recycled materials like non-biodegradable plastics, scrap fabric and sustainable wood cellulose fabric Tencel as the base fabric. 

The concept draws inspiration from the early trading scenes along the Singapore river, the prominent landscape of the river. While depicting the scene, it showcases the relationship of mankind placed in a shared environment. The birth of civilisation is captured through the story of the collection. They are heavily inspired by the river course. 

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Crit 1 mood board.jpg
Material board

One of the main signature textiles was kindly sponsored by Threadapeutic.

The fabric was done after discussions between Serina and Hana.

Threadapeutic is a sustainable textile brand in Indonesia that creates beautiful textile pieces using Faux Chenille technique. The textile was planned to mimic the sea.

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Halter dress.jpg